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    Commonly, symptoms may not appear until kidney disease is advanced. However, those with CKD may notice that they:

    • Feel more tired and have less energy
    • Have trouble concentrating
    • Have a poor appetite
    • Have trouble sleeping
    • Have muscle cramping at night
    • Have swollen feet and ankles
    • Have puffiness around your eyes, especially in the morning
    • Have dry, itchy skin
    • Need to urinate more often, especially at night.

    Anyone can get chronic kidney disease at any age. However, some people are more likely than others to develop kidney disease. You may have an increased risk for kidney disease if you:

    • Have diabetes
    • Have high blood pressure
    • Have a family history of kidney failure
    • Are an older adult
    • Belong to a population group that has a high rate of diabetes or high blood pressure, such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian, Pacific Islanders, and American Indians.


    Source: National Kidney Foundation